Weight Loss For Over 50: Time To Step Up!

This article will clarify three changes you need to make to your everyday life. As simple as they are, you must take action and develop your own routines and habits to eventually achieve your goal weight and fitness level.


The first hint I'm going to offer you is the simplest and the most important. Without the right mindset, you will fail before you've began. The second hint is all about which foods you should be eating regularly, with some great little tips on how to suppress your appetite and stay full for longer. The third is about getting active your own way, which is essential to staying fit and healthy from here on out. So, here go's...


1. Work on your mindset: take a deep breath and have a think about the decision you've made to lose weight. Why have you come to this junction in your life? Is it because of a health reason, or have you simply had enough of looking and feeling this way. Be clear about your reasons and about your goals, then set that decision in stone.


We all have a negative side. That voice in your head that tells you that you've failed before, and there's no point in even trying cause your bound to fail again. Well, this voice is perfectly normal, and wrong! Everyone has a voice like this, some more than others, but what matters is weather you listen to it or not.


Replace any negative voice with a happy, encouraging sentence or two. You can simply speak the words "I can do this, enough's enough" or " I will not settle for anything less than the best I can be." I'm sure you can make up something better than my examples, something that works for you.


Next, visualize the new slimmer, fitter, energized you in 6 months time. Your wearing a new item of clothing from your new wardrobe, and are going about your day with your head held high. You feel fantastic! Imagine a friend or college stops you and tells your your looking great. Work on scenarios like this as often as you can. It keeps you focused and builds motivation.


2. Diet: Losing weight doesn't have to be a big drama. In fact, Its all down to a few simple principles. Follow these, and you can't go wrong...


The average daily calorie count for a woman is 2000, and for a man it's around 2500. Although, to be accurate, it's advised to check you BMI (body mass index). To lose weight, eat 500 calories less per day. So simple right?


Write down in a note pad exactly how many calories your consuming each day. Also keep a record of your week to week progress and any difficulties you come across. By writing them down, you will feel more in control of your diet, and it will help you focus.


Start thinking about any low calorie changes you can make to any of your favorite meals, and replace any high calorie foods you have in the kitchen with lower fat, lower sugar alternatives. The general idea is, if there's no nutritional value, then it go's in the bin.


Try to eat five - six, small meals a day and eat from a smaller plate than what your used to. This tricks your brain into believing your eating your normal amount. Try eating slower to give your food time to digest, so you start to feel fuller during the meal. Another great tip for appetite suppression, is to drink a glass of water and maybe a peace of fruit before your meal.


Most people have the idea that dieting is eating bland, tasteless foods, and not much of it. Believe me, healthy eating can be so delicious and exiting that you wont know the difference. The key to enjoying food while your trying to lose weight, and maintaining a lasting healthy diet is education. Become an expert in what's good for you, and learn a few tastiest recipes that you could make for the whole family.


3. Get some exercise: If anyone ever tells you your over the hill, or your too old for that, ignore them and carry on, unless your 98 and are planning a bungee jump of course. As you get older, it's even more important to remain active if you want to stay fit, healthy and maintain your independence.


You could start by walking every day for an hour or so. You would be surprised by the amount of calories you can burn while your out in the fresh air.


Have a think... Did you have a physical hobby in school or during collage? Was you a member of a sports club or fitness class? Many people over 50 end up taken up hobbies that they once did in their youth. This is a great way to not only get some exercise, but to socialize, have fun and reignite old friendships.


Using weights and dumbbells can also be a great exercise for weight loss and defining your body. By joining a gym, you will have access to all the training equipment you'll need, and there's normally an expert standing by for advice if you have any questions. On the other hand, you could always weight train at home using cans of food.


The more active you are, the more energy you have to do the things you've always wanted to do in the coming decades. There has been strong scientific evidence to suggest that people over 50 who are active have a much lower risk of stroke, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers. So get a plan together, get organized and most importantly TAKE ACTION!


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