The Rewards of Healthy Weight Loss!

The number one reason why most people fail when trying to lose weight is lack of motivation. How do you stay motivated you ask? You make a plan of action. Write down what you will do to lose the weight and the changes you will make to maintain your weight loss. For you to lose weight and keep it off you have to change your eating habits and mind set.


Making a Weight loss Plan


o First write down the reasons you want to lose weight. Be very pacific with your reasons. For instants if you want to look more appealing to the opposite sex write it down. Then write the rewards of that happening would be. You might also note that by just losing a few pounds you can decrease health risk, increase self esteem and acquire more energy.


o Your mind is a very powerful ally. If you will envision your goals and write them down the more focused you will be to loss weight.


o Decide how much time you will spend exercising and what time of the day. You already know that building muscle will increase your metabolism and you will burn more calories. Start slow and build up if you haven't exercised for a long while.


o Be realistic with your goals for losing those pounds. Decide how much you want to lose in a week in a healthy matter. Write down what you will reward yourself each time you reach your goal. The reward is another added benefit you can add to your list.


o Find a diet plan with recipes of healthy foods that don't make you feel deprived. Remember you are creating a new life style with your eating habits. You are learning to exchange unhealthy foods for ones that keep you healthy and at your desired weight.


o Have a support system to help keep you motivated along the way. Find a forum so you can talk to like minded people so you can aid and be aided with your weight loss.


A life style change is never an easy under taking, old habits die hard. Laying out a plan before you start will make the process of achieving your goals much easier. You will reap the rewards of healthy weight loss with each pound you lose. Your self esteem will rise each time you look in the mirror and see your shape taking form.


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