P90X Chest and Back – The Best 90 Day Workout!

The P90X chest and back workout program is a popular home fitness program, especially designed for men and women who want to workout at home. It is a very effective and affordable fitness program that gives significant results in 90 days. To strengthen the back and chest muscles, people normally use resistance bands, dumb bells or plyometric exercises in different stages of the fitness program. The P90X fitness program also combines variations of these exercises over 90 days.


There are different techniques used in the P90X chest and back fitness programs like the curls, flys and kickbacks. Curls of different types like the inward and outward biceps curls, static arm curls, congdon curls, crouching Cohen curls, and full supination concentration curls are used to boost the back and chest muscles. All these exercises are used at different stages in the 90-day workout program. The other techniques are the flys and the kickbacks exercises. The fly exercises include in-and-out, straight-arm shoulder fly and the two-angle shoulder fly and two triceps kickbacks are also included in the back and chest program.


The P90X chest and back schedule is one of the most difficult exercises in this workout program. An indication that you have done these exercises the right way is the soreness that follows the workout. This exercise is the combination of pull-ups and push-ups, mainly for the upper torso. For pumping the chest muscles, you are expected to do many different combination of push-ups as part of the workout program. The different exercises included in the program are decline push ups, wide fly push ups, diamond push ups, military push ups and many more, which are carried out at least twice in an hour's time to boost the chest muscles.


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