Muscle Building Tips – 4 Killer Tips You Cannot Train Without!

Interested in some muscle building tips? When trying to pack on some solid mass, you need all the tips you can get, especially if you're a hard-gainer, it can mean the difference between putting on 5 pounds or 10 pounds of muscle and although the difference seems small, 5 pounds of solid muscle can have a dramatic affect on how you appear if you are cut enough. So without further ado, here are some powerful tips for you to put into practice:


1. Go To Failure

One of the best muscle building tips I can give you is to always work to failure. You want to reach complete muscle failure so that you can breakdown as many muscle fibers as possible, this will ensure your muscle grows back much bigger and stronger than before.


2. Do Squats

Squats are a killer exercise that will not only build up your legs, but your whole body due to the human growth hormone that is released from this demanding exercise.


3. Do Deadlifts

This is another powerful exercise which if you're not doing, you're seriously missing out! You cannot call yourself a bodybuilder if you don't do these, seriously, these will give you a massively thick back and take your body to a new level you would not have imagined possible, no exaggeration!


4. Eat Like You've Never Eaten Before

It's also important that you eat like a maniac. You want to eat every 2-3 hours and make sure it's not simple carbs you're eating. If you don't eat enough you are not going to grow, this is one of the biggest newbie mistakes that are made. So if you aren't seeing any results, this is the likely culprit, eat more!



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