Male Enhancement FAQ – 3 PE Strategies Compared!

Which male enhancement strategies really work? Is there any genuine, legitimate method for increasing anatomical size that is NOT a scam? And how can I tell which approach is best for me if I don't have a big budget to blow? The truth is, as men's health publishers for many years, there is no more compelling, controversial or over hyped topic than male enhancement.


Of course with so much attention placed on the importance of size, power, virility and sexual stamina in the mainstream media, the idea that men would want to increase our size should NOT be surprising.


And while many people try to downplay it, size insecurity is a HUGE (no pun intended!) issue for many men, and if the trend continues... it will only continue to grow in the years to come.


So what is the TRUTH about male enhancement? With so many ads, offers and opportunities for us to increase our size, what really works, what is fact, and which methods are merely fantasy and fiction instead? In this short article, we'll compare 3 of the most common, evergreen male enhancement methods we all see in the media and online landscape, and evaluate whether any of them have anything GENUINE to offer those of us who are self conscious about our size.


First, understand THIS to be true... because it is:

In a 2011 survey done of Urologists and doctors who specialized in men's health oriented issues, penis size was listed as the most common "private" concern that many medical professionals reported. Some urologists reported that 80% of the men who came in for sexual issues were suffering from size self esteem issues... and many believed that their sexual problems (and occasionally relationship stresses) were caused by the size, or their bodies.


Interestingly, these surveys revealed what the vast majority of the men who suffered from these insecurities were 100% normal... and that their problems were often psychological, or sexual... and NOT size related at all.


Of course much the same way many women worry about their breast size even when they are constantly re-assured they are okay, it's safe to say that these concerns are not going to go away with a pat on the back and a re-assurance that all is okay.


With that in mind, here are 3 simple PE strategies that get a lot of attention in the media, and how to tell if any of these approaches are right for you as a result.


1 - Surgical Enhancement

This is probably the most well known, most effective, most expensive and most EXTREME of the options available. The good news? There are many different permutations of phalloplasty or surgical enhancement now available, and while it's rarely a good option in my book, it's gaining popularity due to the variety of options it allows. For example - simple non invasive injections are now thought to be a good way to increase girth, rather than a complete "cutting" procedure that can be dangerous, cause scarring and even infertility and impotence in it's wake. (something that has plagued the surgical enhancement medical community for years)


The BAD news is, it's the most expensive option, (can cost 10K or above), often needs to be done through multiple surgical events (and hospital stays) and has the highest "refer" factor of any elective cosmetic surgery in the world.


2 - Enlargement Pills

The truth is, enlargement pills do NOT work. While there are natural compounds that do increase blood flow to the penis, the idea that any of these compounds will lead to lasting size improvements is based on faulty science, and over ambitious advertisers. In addition, the very same ingredients in many of these pills can be found naturally in your local supermarket - red wine (reveratrol), garlic (allicin) and dark green veggies and deeply colored fruits (phytonutrients and anti-oxidants) are all much better options for optimal sexual health over popping a pill and hoping what's ON the bottle is actually IN the pill! ( another problem that has plagued the industry for years)


3 - Natural male enhancement exercise

The truth is, there is an increasing amount of detailed documentation that describes how effective natural male enhancement exercises can be.


The GOOD news? 

Studies done of jelqing, kegel exercises, and penile stretching have all shown underlying improvements in the "size" of the spongy tissue in both length and girth, and have led many in the mens' health medical community to get behind any safe program for "stressing" the male anatomy for size gains.


The BAD news? 

There are still far too many articles, ads and offers that exaggerate some of this research, and make promises that are unreasonable, only occur in unusual cases, or promise "overnight" improvements that are too good to be true. (most research done in this area has been 60-120 days for optimal improvements)


The key takeaway?

You CAN improve just about every part of your body you want... and that includes the private parts that many of us don't discuss in public! Surgical enhancement is getting safer... but it's still NOT the smartest choice for most of us. And you still need to be cautious in what you buy and believe, and if it sounds too ridiculously easy or too good to be true, it's always a good idea to step BACK and make sure it's for real... before you jump in.


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