Kettlebell Workout Routines For Muscle Building – How to Avoid Losing Your Teeth With The Kettlebell!

If you like working out with weights, you should try getting looking up some kettlebell workout routines. A kettlebell looks like a cast iron bowling ball with a handle on it, traditionally weighing about sixteen kilograms. There are several kinds of exercises you can do with a kettlebell, such as the swing, the snatch or the clean. These exercises are simple, and good for the body, provided that you do them correctly. Each one can be quite dangerous without proper training or weight handling, and each one has it's own special dos and don'ts.


The Swing

If you are trying to work up a kettlebell workout routine, try out an exercise called the swing. The kettlebell should start out on the floor about ten to twelve inches from your feet, and your feet should be about shoulder width apart. Bend at the waist with your back straight and your head in a neutral position, neither up nor down but aligned with your spinal cord. With your arms straight, pick up the ball and swing it back between the legs and then drive out with your hips to a standing position while swinging it forward out in front of you. You do not want to swing the kettlebell above your head and you want to keep your swings as tight as possible, bringing your arms as far back into the crux of your legs as you can. This reduces back strain while swinging around the massive weight.


The Snatch

Next on the list for a good kettlebell work out routine, is called the snatch. The snatch is a hand exercise and requires you to keep your wrist straight and control the kettlebell's direction. The motion is simple, lift the weight and flip it upwards, using a punching motion to twist the kettle bell around and keep it from crashing into your wrist. You want to keep your wrist and forearm tight for this motion, because a passive wrist will leave your whole arm aching. It is recommended that you use a light kettlebell for this particular routine, such as one that only weighs four pounds instead of about 20.


The Clean

Another excellent exercise for a kettlebell workout routine is the clean. With the clean, you are pulling the kettlebell off the ground. You want to keep your opposite arm tight, and held out to the side so that the tension and pull moves to the other side of your body. A loose grip is imperative here. This will prevent the bell from hurting your forearm also. Pick the kettlebell off the ground, with your arm twisted so that your thumb points behind you. As you pick it up, the bell should swivel into your hand and you want to open your grip so that you "spear" the kettlebell with your hand. Take a deep breath when picking up the weight and then exhale as you reach the top.


What to Do

If you are a beginner, your kettlebell workout routine should contain exercises that are easy to learn, like the three mentioned here. It is a good idea to watch a few videos or get some professional training before attempting to do these on your own. However, the benefits of these kinds of routines is that it can offer more than just a work out for your arms, it can also tone other parts of your body due to the resistance it puts on other parts. Try these exercises and work on incorporating them into your daily routine for excellent results.


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