Hair Styling Causing Hair Loss!

The issue of hair styling causing hair loss has not been taken seriously by many people. Granted many of us want to look beautiful and elegant. We spend a fortune in salons and top up with hair products that we believe will make us appear attractive, sexy, and confident. Losing your hair is not life threatening, but it may seriously dent ones self image especially for females. Everywhere you look, beautiful people are always portrayed by having a lot of hair. You may argue that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but this doesn't stop Hollywood from constantly reinforcing in our psyche that we need to have a lot of hair in order to look elegant.


There are many hair styles that may indeed cause thinning hair. Of course, one chooses their hairstyle depending on the amount of money they have and their size and shape of their head. Some of the hairstyles that require the application of too many chemicals may actually lead to hair loss. The application of these chemicals may lead to burns which weaken the hair shaft. Actually to achieve the flexibility and softness of your hair the shaft will have to be weakened and hence over time its ability to grow new hair is compromised. The oils may also block the shaft completely thus damaging the scalp and making one to lose considerable amounts of hair.


Another hairstyle that can cause the loss of hair is using tight braids. Braids are beautiful and elegant, and since there are as many braiding styles as are individuals, many people prefer them for making them look unique. However, braids can actually lead to balding. When braiding your hair, grow your hair at least to a certain length so that the hair stylist has enough hair to work with. You should also rebraid after some time. The hair stylist should be experienced so as to give you the best advice concerning how to maintain your hair and avoid hair loss. In addition you should not use braiding for long periods of time as it may greatly fasten the hair loss process. When you start experiencing hair loss due to cornrows or braiding, you can use herbal products such rosemary, margosa, honey, amla, or coconut oil. Minoxidil is the prescription drug that is often used for people who start experiencing thinning in the scalp.


Ponytails can also cause quite a considerable hair loss when not styled properly. Too heavy ponytails exert undue pressure on the scalp and therefore accelerate the frontal hair loss. Take precaution when going to sleep as you might subject the scalp to undue pressure and therefore worsening the hair loss situation. Toppik is preferred by many Hollywood celebrities though it may actually come with its own baggage. The weight of the Toppik fibers may be too much for the scalp to bear and hence accelerate the loss of hair from the scalp. When going to sleep it is important to remove the toppik. Some people may be too much accustomed to Toppik that they may find it hard to remove their Toppik fibers even when they want to sleep.


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