Five Effective Hair Loss Solutions!

One of the most common disorders found in both men and women especially those above the age of 40 is hair loss. Majority of the hair loss is hereditary. However, hair loss can also happen as a result of not looking after your hair properly. There are many different hair loss solutions which are being used by people to prevent hair loss. The following is a list of five effective hair loss solutions:


1) Right type of hair shampoos, conditioners and oils

You need to know your hair type and use the right type of hair shampoos, conditioners and oils to maintain your hair. If you do not know your hair type, consult a hair expert. They should be able to tell you and advice you on what type of hair shampoo, conditioner and oil that you should use. Avoid shampoos which have chemicals. These shampoos may do more harm than good to your hair. You can massage your head with almond oil once or twice a week. Massaging your head with oil will improve blood circulation and make your hair follicles stronger and your hair healthier.


2) Healthy diet

Healthy diet is one of the most common hair loss solutions. You should eat foods which are high in proteins, vitamins and avoid foods which are fatty. It is also important to drink lots of water daily. This improves blood circulation in your body. Consult your dietician for more guidance on the exact type and amount of food that you should eat.


3) Balanced Lifestyle

Stress is another big cause of hair loss. Hence, another effective hair loss solution is balanced lifestyle. This means no prolonged overtime work, decent rest and recreation and healthy diet.


4) Medications

Some people may opt for hair loss medications as their hair loss solution. If you planned to try out this hair loss solution, make sure you consult your doctor before doing so. Some over the counter medications may have harmful side effects. The alternative would be herbal hair loss supplements which are natural.


5) Hair Replacement Surgery

Hair replacement surgery is a hair loss solution which is getting more and more popular. In the case of hair replacement surgery, artificial hair is often transplanted in those areas of your scalp where there is no natural hair growth. Once the surgery is completed, you can wash and comb your hair just as you would do with natural hair.


The hair loss solutions above have varying degree of effectiveness. You would need to use a combination of them to succeed in fighting hair loss. Always consult your doctor or a hair expert for your hair loss solution plan.


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