Expert Advice on Hair Loss!

Stopping hair loss isn't easy. If you find yourself on a website where they claim it is easy, they're probably lying. There isn't a quick and easy way of making your hair grow back. There's no magic Chinese herb that will regrow your hair after a few weeks of use. There are cases where a certain medication, topical treatment or supplement have had a noticeable positive effect on people. However these cases are few and far between.


I tried just about every treatment available for years with absolutely no results. They didn't grow my hair back, they didn't slow the rate of hair shedding. As far as I can tell the treatments I tried had no effect whatsoever. I tried Minoxidil products. I tried Fabao products. I tried supplements including Nourkrin and Procerin. I tried various other treatments. I used them properly as directed and I tried each of the for at least six months. None of them worked for me.


It's sad because I spent hours looking at the sales literature for various hair loss treatments. They all looked so promising. Many of them seemed to make good logical sense. I would even get excited when I thought I had found the solution to my problem. But alas no, nothing worked.


Never give up

Some people are more susceptible to losing their hair than others. However, premature hair loss can often be a visible symptom of an underlying health problem. And you should treat it as that, if you're experiencing unusually relatively fast hair shedding for your age. If you had a skin condition like Eczema, you would try to find out what makes it worse and what makes it better, so that's what you need to do with hair. Many people try one or two treatments, find they don't work and then give up, blaming their genes for their seemingly unstoppable hair loss. I felt like that many years ago. However I persisted until I found the solution to my hair loss.It wasn't easy for me, but I never gave up.


What can you do now to stop your hair loss?

I can tell you that there are several key causes of hair loss. These are: over-production of 'DHT' and high scalp sensitivity to DHT, poor blood flow to the scalp, stress, weak or overstressed liver, clogged pores in the scalp and poor diet.


If you address each of these causes thoroughly you have a very good chance of stopping regaining grip on your hair. If you've had a health check and it came up clear and you've tried one or two of the most highly regarded treatments (i.e. topical Minoxidil solutions and DHT inhibitors) and you're still suffering hair loss, it's time to learn how to deal with the symptom occurring visibly in your scalp by properly addressing the invisible underlying causes. If you really want to stop the hair loss, you need to eliminate each of the six most significant underlying causes.


In other words you need to:

  • reduce DHT production to normal, healthy levels;
  • remove as much DHT from the scalp as possible;
  • clear the scalps pores to allow trapped and blocked hairs to grow;
  • increase blood flow to the scalp;
  • follow a simple diet rich in nutrients needed for hair growth;
  • change the way you deal with stress and become a calmer person; and
  • improve the efficiency of your liver.


If you can achieve all of this you will give yourself the best chance of properly stopping premature hair loss. Then you can learn how to re-activate dormant hair follicles to regrow lost hair.


Want to get started?

In it you'll learn how to eliminate each of the underlying causes, properly, and how to regrow your hair.


You'll learn how to become a calmer person who deals with stressful situations in a relaxed manner. You'll also learn how to turbo charge hair growth by re-activating dormant hair follicles and supplying them with massive amounts of nutrients required for hair growth.





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