Essential Oil Cures For Hair Loss!

Thinning hair and excessive hair loss can affect men, women, and children. What is often referred to as common baldness in men and women does have a inherit component however this is not the only reason for hair loss. Hair loss can be permanent or temporary depending on the underlying cause but in most cases something can be done to stop, reverse or slow down hair loss.


For instance stress from illness or surgery can cause hair loss. Many women after giving birth to a child notice hair loss, this is due to hormone changes and stress on the body. Other hormone imbalances can also lead to hair loss including thyroid gland issues leading to hypo or hyperthyroidism or problems with the sex hormones; androgens in men or estrogen in women.


Various medicines can cause hair loss; if you suspect this to be the case for you consult your doctor to find out what your options may be. Certain infections and diseases also can cause hair loss two examples are diabetes and lupus.


There is also the possible for mechanical causes for hair loss, you can actually damage your hair follicles which ultimately results in scarring. If a hair follicle becomes scarred it can not grow hair. This may be caused by prolonged pulling on the hair, such as in use of tight hair rollers, ponytails, pigtails, hair extensions or hair weaves. Some hair treatments including some perms or hot oil treatments can also cause damage to some scalps.


Because the reasons behind hair loss are vast and can be a symptom of a more serious condition you should always consult your doctor before searching for a hair loss cure. Even with common baldness or pattern baldness in many instances something can be done and your doctor may be able to prescribe a medicine to slow or stop the process.


If you are looking to find a natural treatment for hair thinning or hair loss then essential oils may be an option. Essential oils have been used for centuries to help all sorts of different ailments including hair loss. Some specific essential oils you may want to try are:


1. Lavender essential oil is very widely used for various reasons however it can also be used to promote hair growth. Add two or three drops to your favorite non fragranced leave in conditioner and massage into the scalp.


2. To slow hair loss add two or three drops of Atlas cedar essential oil to a carrier oil and again massage into the scalp.


3. Juniper berry essential oil can be used to inhibit or stop hair loss. To apply add a couple of drops to one ounce of your favorite non fragranced conditioner, massage into the scalp, let sit for five minutes and rinse thoroughly.


Other essential oils that may be used are Cypress, Rosemary and Thyme. Which ever one you decide to use remember it often takes several months before real results are seen. Your hair actually grows in a cycle, it is not all growing all of the time, and some hair loss is part of the natural cycle. Be patient and do not rule out any treatment after a week or two. Even medications such as Rogaine take approximately six months to show results.


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