Beware Of These 3 Sneaky Male Enhancement Pill Bottle Tricks!

Male Enhancement pill sellers have developed many tricks over the years to separate you from your money. In this article we highlight 3 hidden ways they mislead you about what's really in their pills.


Trick#1: Using mcg instead of mg as a weight measurement: You probably already know that mg stands for milligrams (that's 1/1000th of a gram). To put it in perspective, a single crumpled up US dollar bill weighs about a gram. That's fine, but what exactly does mcg stand for? An mcg is a microgram and there are one million micrograms in a gram. That's a whole lot different than a milligram.


This is a common trick but easy to spot so keep a sharp eye for it. Many pill guys will list some of their ingredients in micrograms, knowing that customers usually only take a passing glance at the side of the bottle before they buy. You don't want t be one of those poor saps who thinks they're getting more than they really are.


Trick#2: Using Scientific Names: This is one of the more popular tricks with the pill guys and it's something you'll see on every bottle.


Folate (Folic Acid), Zinc (as oxide), Boron (as Chelate)-these things all sound impressive unless you know they're really just ingredients in a standard multivitamin. That's right, a large percentage of the "active ingredients" in male enhancement pills are actually the same thing you'd get in a chewable Flintstones™. So why are you paying such a premium for these enhancement pills again?


I've saved the best and dirtiest trick for last. Once you know and understand this trick you'll never look at a bottle of enhancement pills the same way again. Ready for it?


Trick3#: Using A Blend or "Proprietary Blend": "Blend" is a word that any self-respecting scotch drinker will recognize right away. But as gentleman who enjoy good scotch will tell you, the problem with a blend is that it always contains a mix of both superior and inferior liquor. And because the two are blended together, you never know how much of the good stuff you're getting. That's why "single malt" is so highly prized...there's no filler.


In the male enhancement business, Tribulus Terrestris and Ginseng are the 2 most common "inferior ingredients" that get blended into the pills. Keep in mind that when I say inferior, I don't mean there's anything specifically wrong with these 2 ingredients. What I mean by "inferior" is that these ingredients are extremely inexpensive relatively speaking. You could go online and buy a case of Tribulus Terrestris or Ginseng for the price of a single bottle of your typical male enhancement pills. Yet when you buy male enhancement products, in many cases you are unwittingly purchasing pills that are mostly made from these 2 filler ingredients.


How do the pill sellers get away with it? The trick is that they don't list their ingredients out separately by weight. Instead they just tell you the total weight of the blend. And with that limited information, you have no way of knowing how much of the expensive stuff (like Icariin) is actually in the blend (but you can probably bet it's not much).


Key Takeaways:

1. Only use products that clearly list out the amounts of every ingredient

2. If you want to take Ginseng or Tribulus Terrestris, just buy them in bulk from your local vitamin store.

3. Read all labels carefully before you purchase any male enhancement product.


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