Drug Testing The Employees Can Decrease Your Costs And Improve Safety

Over 70% of companies today, from small companies or fortune 500 companies, require drug testing and/or criminal background checks for pre-employment. These businesses also provide drug testing policies that need random tests too. Just how can worker testing assist you to, and lower your employment costs?

Testing for Drug abuse at work might also help you stay compliant with federal rules. The Dot, under 49 CFR Part 40, requires substance testing for those employees, in transportation and safety sensitive positions.

Statistics prove that substance tests are effective! Oftentimes, through surveys you’ll find that Amphetamine test kit can help to save as much as 10% in payroll costs. Payroll savings are visible in the Thousands and thousands of dollars. As much as 51% less at work accidents are located in companies with substance policies, than individuals without.

Workers comp claims are reduced by similar figures. With Workman’s compensation carriers, frequently you will get a price reduction, if you use drug screens and criminal background checks, in your employment policies. Additionally, you will gain savings with recruitment costs, as there is a right worker. Your ability to succeed is determined by hiring safe and productive employees.

To conclude, ten years ago, roughly 20% of companies did offer drug testing. The drug screens were usually only made by The Dot, (Us dot). Today the data show it’s growing quickly. It’s not necessary to watch this news everyday, to listen to of tales of tragic occurrences because of drug as well as excessive drinking. By testing for drugs, you’ll be able to offer a method to curtail the abuse of those substances and save your time, money, and lives.

However, I am a little concerned about the presence of methods to “pass” drug tests. There are specific items that can cleanse the body rapidly and guarantee that you’ll pass any tests inside a certain period of time. I guess this means that you will find a number of people travelling with jobs they should not have obtained.

To date so great. I’ve found the above mentioned figures rather disturbing however i can accept them. Now I must present another perspective. I simply presented the chances from the purpose of view prior to the test was ever taken. Now lets see what goes on once you go ahead and take test. In situation your result arrives negative you with thankful with result whatever the fact regardless if you are a person or otherwise. Let’s imagine though that you simply really tested positive. What’s the actual chance that you’re a user in case your result came positive? The reply is 50%. Should you test positive the chance that you’re a user is 50/50. That very same 50/50 (an easy gold coin toss) chance is exactly what you’d before you decide to ever required the exam to start with.